Sometimes I'm serious.

Sometimes I'm a bit silly.

I wrIte E-books, jokes, and  a few serious things.   I believe some people will like them.

I’ve been wrong about so many things so much in life that it’s funny and sad.  My opinions may be wrong at times.  I offer my thoughts to benefit me and others by focusing on what I believe to be interesting.


Everything serious I write I intend to use as a way to make life better.  Even though I’ve made efforts to be right, I’m still wrong sometimes.  Even though I’m less than right about everything,  I believe there’s value in sharing my less than perfect opinions about life with others.  Everything humorous I write I intend to use as a way to make life better for others.  I occasionally write ideas that are offensive or painful to others in a comedic context.  I’m still prone to making errors. If you’re offended by what I write, know that some believe I create bland, inoffensive material often. If somehow everything I’ve ever written is offensive to you, feel free to focus on one of the other countless parts of the universe.




LIFE WIN: I had an interesting, happy, and unique life.

LIFE FAIL: I didn't become as good as I hoped to be.

MUSIC WIN: I had parody songs I wrote performed by talented people.

MUSIC FAIL: I botched a terrible set of Doors covers live on a stage in front of people.  I was sweating profusely and refused to sing.

WRITING WIN: I had a joke published in Playboy.

WRITING FAIL: I failed to establish the life of a writer that I dreamed about having for years.
   Perhaps E-books will be my path to happiness, success, and prosperity?

MOVIE WIN: I was BRIEFLY in the movie Contagion.

MOVIE FAIL: I haven't been in any other major motion pictures.

COMEDY WIN: I performed in well received improvised and sketch comedy shows.

COMEDY FAIL: I didn't fight hard enough to have consistent success in professional comedy.

LOVE LIFE WIN: I had and have a great relationship with a loving lady.

LOVE LIFE FAIL: I had no romantic relationship for most of my life.

ART WIN: I made funny cartoons.

ART FAIL: I didn't push to get others interested in my funny cartoons.

TRAVEL WIN: I have visited roughly 20 countries and most places in the USA I wanted to see.

TRAVEL FAIL: I have not seen most of the world.  I won't if I don't change my priorities.

SCIENCE WIN: I learned about a diverse amount of sciences.

SCIENCE FAIL: I didn't take full advantage of my opportunities to educate myself about sciences.

RELIGION WIN: I found the strength to challenge my beliefs and left a cult.

RELIGION FAIL: I spent most of my life blindly following a religion I assumed to be true without challenging truth claims about it much.

IDEA WIN: I had interesting ideas worth considering.

IDEA FAIL: I had awful ideas worth ignoring.  At times I have a hard time telling the difference between my interesting and awful ideas.

SPORTS WIN: I played a lot of soccer, basketball, and other sports with some lovely people.

SPORTS FAIL: I never made sports my main focus.  I'm okay with this.  I was not okay when I broke my arm trying to dunk a basketball by jumping off a chair.

GAME WIN: I won poker and trivia tournaments.

GAME FAIL: I lost more games than I won.

FOOD WIN: I ate a lot of wonderful food.

FOOD FAIL: I unwisely ate a lot of unhealthy foods for much of my life.

CLOTHES WIN: I dressed how I wanted to.

CLOTHES FAIL: I wore clothes I didn't like just to fit in.

SHELTER WIN: I live in a decent place in Ohio.

SHELTER FAIL: At times I couldn't afford to pay for my housing.

DEATH WIN: I haven't died yet.

DEATH FAIL: I'm going to die.