Sometimes I'm serious.



The universe is a rather large place.  Humanity has only seen a tiny portion of it.  There’s a lot that we have to learn as a species before we can say we know the meaning of life.

Life is temporary.  How can there be a clear meaning to a life that’s destined to be lost and could be lost at any time? 

Change is constant.  What makes life worth living at one stage in the life of an individual may be seen as useless just a few years later.

Individuals come to many different conclusions about the meaning of life.  There’s a great amount of dispute about the meaning of life among humanity.

Individuals have unique experiences.  What makes life worth living to one person may literally never be experienced by billions of people living on Earth. 

The amount of time in an individual lifespan is limited.  There’s not enough time for an individual to test all of the theories about what the meaning of life is.  Each individual who wants to believe they’ve found the meaning of life bases their opinions on their subjective experiences. 

Individuals choose to value different parts of reality.   People who value different parts of life often come to differing conclusions about the meaning of life.

Individuals take unique actions.  People who act in different ways often come to differing conclusions about the meaning of life. 

In most parts of the world adults are expected to be responsible enough to take care of their own survival needs.  Since there are many ways to potentially take care of survival needs but none that are guaranteed to work, individuals tend to view the meaning of life differently based on how they choose to try to meet their survival needs.

Individuals have limited knowledge.  What seems like a positive way to live in one time and place may be viewed as awful by individuals who live in another.


What makes life worth living?  Living well for meaningful purposes by creating, experiencing, and learning from what that the universe offers.

Life worth living- An existence with joys that make it worth tolerating pains

Living well- Trying to do what’s most valuable                     

Meaningful- Having significance

Purposes- Specific goals individuals attempt to achieve

Creating- Forming new ways of living and bringing originality into reality

Experiencing- Being personally involved in life events

Learning- Discovering new information and applying it in useful ways to make life better

Universe- The entirety of reality

Offers- Opportunities an individual is presented with


1. Some individuals may not have the ability to “live well” due to severe mental or physical suffering.

2. For some suffering people trying to survive may not be worth the struggle necessary to do so.

3. Some people aren’t able to believe they can create or find meaningful purposes.

4. Some people don’t value creating, experiencing, or learning.

Despite these potential flaws in my personal meaning of life I believe there’s value for me in pursuing these goals.  I believe my goals could inspire other people as well.