Sometimes I'm serious.


Be satisfied with the temporary life one has because there’s nothing else one has.

Question any people who are only here temporarily.

There’s value in much but permanence in nothing.

Peace can exist.  It is a temporary state.

There are many ways one can enjoy their temporary time.

Life may be viewed as merely a temporary set of experiences. 

The worst situations have the potential to improve.  The best situations don’t last.

The way to offer temporary beings help is to be temporarily available.

There are ways to get ahead and no ways to win permanently.

It’s possible that all struggles are futile in the end.  At least we can experience temporary joy.

Too many people experience unnecessary suffering because they’re uncertain about what to do with their temporary time.

If there are answers to problems, they’re temporary ones.

There’s value in the temporary life you have.  It is temporary value.

There’s nothing better in life than experiencing temporary pleasure and helping others to have temporary pleasure.  These pleasures come into conflict often.

Even when people manage to find temporary success they should live knowing that it can all be taken away from them at any time.

Zero people win forever.  Many people are able to do something that’s temporarily useful.

Effort made to be a better person is effort to live better temporarily.

People have a lot of ridiculous beliefs.  It’s possible that in 100 years many beliefs of today will be viewed by future humans as such.

Every victory is temporary.  Every disappointment is too.

There’s no permanent salvation.  Temporary solutions improve the condition of lives.

There’s often value in living in solidarity even if it’s not lasting value.

Even the best people are replaced after a brief reign at the top.

Enjoy the temporary joys of life because they might be all that makes life worth living.

A feeling of calm should come when one realizes exactly what it means to be living a temporary existence.  You’re done for, so you might as well enjoy the march to the end.

We’re temporary beings serving temporary purposes.  Don’t take failure too hard or think success is permanent.

People who refuse to experience temporary joy never experience it at all.

Perhaps it’s unwise for a finite being to hope for infinite wisdom.

There’s no way to solve all problems.  There are many interesting temporary solutions.

If there’s a good reason to live it is this: Your temporary life may be used for something wonderful that’s never been done before.

People who live passionately can accept temporary rejections as mere roadblocks along the way to their life of living well.

Determining who one is in a universe larger than one can experience is simple.  You’re a temporary being who can never begin to understand a great deal of reality.

Perhaps all pursuits of beings who know their existence is temporary are absurd. 

Anyone who has courage can make a temporary difference.

People who achieve something amazing still die but they spend their temporary moments knowing that they at least gave all they could to live well.

 A temporary being doesn’t have the capacity to create a permanent meaning of life that applies to all people.

A human being is an individual who makes no choice to be created, experiencing a temporary life.  A person can grow in capabilities temporarily before their physical death.

All people are running imperfect, temporary life experiments.  Many people give up trying to do something unique to more easily provide their material needs.  Individuals who have the courage to try to run unique experiments with their lives challenge the status quo of humanity.

Why place total faith in anything temporary?  Everything that exists is temporary.  The planet we inhabit will probably be destroyed someday.  The air we breathe will transform into something else.  The water we drink will pass on to some other type of reality.  Why would it be any different for humans?