Sometimes I'm serious.


Even heroes lack perfection.  Even heroes suffer at times.  Many of my favorite artists struggled to get what they wanted the entire time they lived. 

Bill Hicks never received widespread fame or fortune while he was alive. He had periods of bitterness about his lack of success.  Despite setbacks he had the courage to press on anyway. 

Jimi Hendrix had many lean years when he was broke.  Jimi Hendrix!  It seemed like he was badgered by pricks who tried to take advantage of him even when he was successful. 

George Orwell failed miserably to get things published for years.  He never had a stable long-term job or vast material comforts.  He suffered from poor health and was almost killed in war.  Yet he managed to produce absolutely brilliant writings that are still relevant today.

Heroes do great things, not perfect things.

Heroes display remarkable talents and are remembered.  Average people are automatically forgotten.

Each person can choose to select their heroes.  Many people tend to gravitate towards heroes who are widely acknowledged and recognized by many.

Many legitimate heroes go unrecognized while some who do so little receive honors.

Is it possible for someone to be too old to have living heroes?

People don’t necessarily make heroes out of those who go through the hardest times.  I know few famous homeless people.  Heroes are admired because they get results.

Heroes aren’t what they used to be.  A lot of people don’t admire Presidents.  Too many believe they are liars and crooks.  Many people don’t admire priests.  There’s far too much child abuse for that.  People often admire entertainers and athletes.  We value the people who distract us from boredom and the horrors of reality more than the few noble people who should make life better for others.

Heroes are funny.  Hugh Hefner could be considered a hero.  Some believe he’s evil.  The same is true for the Dalai Lama, the Pope, and every person who ever lived.  It’s likely that every person has moments of decency.  It’s likely that every person experiences less than noble moments too.  Everyone who lives long enough experiences success and failure numerous times.

Everyone has a different concept of what a hero is. Heroes can be adored by one generation and completely forgotten by the next.  Many who were considered great heroes were despised so much by others that they were murdered.  Even the greatest heroes can be killed by unknown people at any time.  Heroes are only heroes for a while.