Sometimes I'm serious.


How am I doing compared to the greats?  Jesus encouraged his disciples to come and follow him by giving up all they had to heal and save people.  I lack knowledge of the meaning of life.  I don’t perform miracles.  I don’t inspire many people to do much. 

I’m about as Christ like as Jell-O.  Would I want to be Christ like?  I’d love to have the ability to heal the sick automatically.  It’d be nice to make lots of food out of little. I think I’d dig walking on water, turning water to wine, and defeating death.  Unfortunately, I lack these talents.

I’m glad that I’m not spreading a message for people to believe in me or to burn in hell for all eternity. I’m glad I’m not wandering around some forsaken desert trying to preach to a bunch of simpletons. I’d rather be in my situation.  Considering my lack of all the supposed positive qualities of Jesus, I’d make a poor spiritual Savior.

Bill Hicks began doing comedy as a teenager. As a teenager I was still trying to figure out what TV shows I liked best.  Although Bill never reached the heights of international fame, he was one of the premier comics in the eyes of his peers.  My attempts at comedy have been humbling.

Bill pushed limits and brilliantly lampooned negative power structures.  I do little to voice my opinions in a useful manner. I don’t know if Bill was happy, but I have doubts. He was often angry about evil totalitarian systems.  I admire the talents and courage of Bill Hicks, but I don’t think I’d want to live the way he did.

Michael Jordan is probably the most determined athlete I’ve seen. His drive to win was unrivaled, even at the highest levels of competition.  As a young man I knew more people who wanted to live like Michael Jordan than anyone else.

I believe Jordan’s life would’ve been a difficult life for the most part. He could never go anywhere without being mobbed with attention.  He had to work harder, longer, and with more intensity than anyone else for years to achieve success. As time passed, he was no longer the greatest.  He experienced a failed marriage, the loss of loved ones, and some less than stellar business decisions.  Despite his greatness he remained susceptible to errors, disappointments, and pain.

I never would’ve wanted to work even half as hard as Jordan did to achieve his basketball skills. I’d like to have the retirement of Mr. Jordan, but would’ve hated the work required to get there.  My drive is nowhere near Jordan levels.  I never would’ve wanted to make the sacrifices Michael made to get to the top.

Jimi Hendrix is my musical hero.  He created an entirely new way of performing. The notes he played conveyed elegant beauty and raw fury.   Even with all of his talent it took Jimi several years to gain any type of fame.

Jimi was mostly unsatisfied with his management, his bass player, and constant demands to tour.  Jimi’s life had many undesirable elements. His personal life was burdened with excessive drug use, even for a musician in that era.

I’d love to have the talents of Jimi without sacrificing to do the work.  Jimi had some good times, but was probably no happier than most people.  I’m fine with not having a life just like Jimi’s. 

The path of a hero can be difficult.  I'm not sure if I will ever be considered to be a hero.  The path of a hero is almost assuredly going to be filled with high levels of pain.  I try to avoid unnecessary pains.  I will try to be a hero with small noble efforts.  I don't know if I will ever come close to being as mighty as my heroes.  Few people ever feel they reach the highest levels of success as their heroes.  Maybe I could come a bit closer with more efforts?