Sometimes I'm serious.




I have refused to worship every specific god that I’ve ever heard of


I have had many gods come before Jehovah


I have made many idols


I have taken the Lord’s name in vain


I have refused to honor the Sabbath


I have not honored my father and mother at all times


I have coveted my neighbor’s goods


I have killed- small bugs that got on my nerves


I have given false testimony about a neighbor


I have stolen


I have not committed adultery (Although I have engaged in premarital sexual relations)


I’ve lied and cheated.  I’ve been afraid and refused to act in significant ways due to being unsure about what would happen.  I’ve blindly followed others.  I’ve done little to help others.  I’ve been guilty of lust, greed, envy, wrath, sloth, pride, and possibly gluttony.


I’ve hated others.  I’ve contemplated suicide.  I’ve used physical force against children.  I’ve used physical force to instill fear in others.  I’ve obeyed orders that I disagreed with just to make a bit of money.  I accepted a way of life that I had little to no passion for on several occasions.  I waited far too long to make decisions about what I felt was most important in life.  I’ve betrayed almost every belief that I once held.  I’ve failed to succeed financially, creatively, and intellectually. 


I spent years of my life devoting most of my time to activities that I cared little about.  I blindly followed cultural traditions that made little to no sense.  I willingly participated in activities that I felt were unimportant instead of living passionately.  I contemplated my options instead of taking action.  I accepted what authorities told me instead of boldly continuing to search for truth.


I abandoned my pursuit of truth and lived for comfort at times.  I failed repeatedly.  I lost touch with almost every single person I ever cared about.  I ignored opportunities to have a chance to be great because I waited too long for conditions to be perfect.


I hurt the ones I loved most.  I became a spectator in life instead of an active participant.  I allowed others to intimidate me.  I acted meekly and with little confidence.  I didn’t allow myself to become as close to others as I should have.  I was shameful in squandering time, money, and talents.  I didn’t take reasonable risks and lived with regret due to my own foolishness and fear.


I haven’t been adamant about pursuing creative dreams due to fear.  I’ve deliberated for a long time without making significant efforts to be a person of greatness.  I’ve settled for minor achievements and did little good in the time I’ve lived.  I’ve settled for being mundane far too often and will continue along a path where I’ll be forgotten and insignificant unless I change.  I’ve been less than what I’m capable of being.


I have been arrogant at times in spite of all my failures.  I’ve refused to play along with ridiculous rules because I thought I could do better.  I’ve become angry and don’t even know who or what to fight against.  I’ve become a person that I never intended to be.


I might fail if I take action.  But I also know that it’s a virtual guarantee that I’ll fail unless I give consistent efforts to do what I believe is most important.