Sometimes I'm serious.


What would a PETA member do if their baby was being strangled to death by a snake?

Is there cage free tuna?                        

A great theological question: Why do trivial things happen to fascinating people?

If Jesus is the answer to all problems, why’d I get a 0% on my math test?

How did adults ever consent to Prohibition?

Do atheists believe in love?  Where’s the evidence of it?

Ignorance?  I don’t I know anything about it.

Do elves call self-respect elf-respect?

If justice is blind, do I have to learn Braille before my trial?

If youth programs are failing should we blame youths or adults?

If failure teaches more than success, why aren’t jailbirds, drug addicts, or rapists our teachers?

Do living people ever get a holiday named in their honor?  Why are our holidays limited to celebrating dead people or people who supposedly rose from the dead?

How can it be considered stealing to refuse to pay a tax you never agreed to?

If the universe is just, how can Tiger Woods make hundreds of millions of dollars recommending products and hitting a ball into a hole?

How can there be so many bad songs played on the radio when we have so many good ones?

If people believe life is precious, why does the average American watch six hours of TV a day?

Trouble may lie ahead?  Talk about a vague prediction!

How can anyone believe gambling is wrong?  We all gamble constantly each moment we’re alive.

How can raising a child be considered one of the hardest things to do if billions of people have completed the mission successfully?

Nothing lasts forever?  How do you know?  Have you been around forever?

How do you destroy a nuclear weapon? What if you screw up?

Where’s the best place in the world?  If everyone knew, would there be any doubt that it’d cease to be?

Why do you try so hard to fit in with a bunch of people who are going to die anyway?

If I could save the world by killing one innocent man, I might pick the oldest man in the world, because how much time does he have left any way?

If we live in an information age why are there so many stupid people?

If there are people who survive the Apocalypse, does it count?

What does it say about you if all you have in your fridge is beer and leftover beer?

If you have the all of the answers, then what exactly is my next question?

If love is what makes the world go round, why was I taught gravity?

It’s a struggle just to stay alive for billions of people and I have the audacity to get mad at losing a Nintendo game?

Why doesn’t PETA crusade for the rights of sewer rats?