Sometimes I'm serious.


The terrible thing about life is that it can be lost at any time.

Life is unfair.  Nothing is fairer than death.

Death is frightening only if one values their life.

Death stops even the most determined people.

Having dead heroes is a weird way to live in the present.

It is strange to think that no matter how great one becomes, being “the best” is merely a temporary experience before becoming old or dead.

Looking a bit too far ahead results in unnecessary fatalism.  Looking way too far ahead results in realizing it is possible that the entire universe you know will be destroyed.

It is funny that so many absurd things happen in a world where we all know that no matter what we do, we are destined to eventually die.

I am biding my time until death.  I have no other choice.

Never believe people who say you are less than them.  We are all destined to die.

Few people live the way they should before death.  No one does after death.

Believe life is worth living.  Unless you are in the act of suicide, you already believe it.

The “gift” of life can be rejected.         

There is no bigger event than death because it tends to ruin all of the rest of your plans.

Tombstones are morbid and often lie.

Humans don’t choose to be born and don’t often choose when to die.

We live in a world where roughly 180,000 people die every day.  Many ignore death until it comes to someone we personally love.

Everyone is at least selfish enough to take care of their own survival needs.  If they aren’t, they die.

Feel compassion for dying people.  That’s everyone.

We are lucky to be alive.  We are unlucky to know we are part of a species that is destined to die.

Accept anything better than death as a temporary success in comparison.

Aging is not as bad as the alternative.

You are not special.  You are one out of billions on one small rock in one small galaxy, and destined to die in a short time.  There’s nothing special about that.

Allow yourself room to make mistakes, but not so many that you die.

Treat people well.  They’re the only ones who may keep anything you ever do alive after you die.

Seek to be a better person, but never a perfect person.  In a world where many people die every day, it is hard to believe anyone can claim perfection. 


It is possible that the only things that make life worth living are the things that distract us from uncertain lives and certain death.  It is hard to dwell on death when one is doing what they believe matters in life.

Nobody lives in an ideal situation.  We live on a planet where millions of people lack basic survival needs.  We live on a planet where billions of people lack happiness.  We live on a planet where every single living being is destined to die.  There is much work to be done for anyone who has the courage to improve lives.

We are all blessed and we are all screwed. We are lucky to be alive.  We are all screwed because of pain, uncertainty, tragedy, and death.

If one determines that they no longer feel like fighting to sustain their survival, they should be free to choose to end their life.  The suffering of another person can’t be fully understood by an outsider.  For some, living is more painful than ceasing to exist.  While it is probably not a good idea for most people to make the decision to die, it should be up to each person to decide for themselves.

We live with the knowledge that we will one day die, but we don’t know when.  Look at each day as if it were a precious gift.  How would you spend your time if you viewed it as a precious gift instead of a series of obligations to do things you mostly hate?

Almost everything you’ve done or will do is likely to be forgotten by everyone who lives after.  On the small chance that your work finds a bit of widespread success, know that the universe is eventually likely to destroy everything we ever do.

You are going to struggle to achieve goals as long as you aim to stay healthy and alive.

I never want to die, but I might change my mind at 150.

Uncertainty never leaves in a world where anyone can die at any moment.

Death is too permanent to be good.

At least death could be the end of suffering.

I never wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle until I realized I’d die if I didn’t.

Anyone who acts like an authority on death has no personal experience with it.

Life is a test to see how long one can survive.

Live the way you want to, but know that you’ll probably die the way the universe wants you to.

It is a shame that death is guaranteed while nothing good in life has any guarantee to last.

Aging serves as a reminder to do something significant before we die.

Few people have the life they want, because most tend not to be fans of illness and death.

Living well in a universe where everyone is guaranteed to die can be considered a challenge.

Life either results in death or a temporary delay of death.