Sometimes I'm serious.

33 OUTSTANDING WEBSITES Obvious, but links to most of the universe Maybe not 100% reliable in the facts department, but still pretty impressive Covers pretty much all of the most popular sports in the world Thorough site about film, TV, actors, and entertainment news Detailed information about secular topics Well designed refutation of creationism and support for evolution Like Google, links to nearly everything humans have ever done Possibly the funniest mock news in history Not as good as the magazine, but makes me laugh Weird and wonderful treasure A reminder of how much tragedy the world faces Never complain about the lame stations in your hometown again Has some limitations, but it’s unbelievably captivating Offers a lot of TV shows and movies for free This satisfies the 13-year-old in me Candid articles on personal development A straightforward refutation of theism Another brilliant critique of theism and the power of religion Despite disagreeing with him on some major issues (like war) he may be the greatest journalist of recent times A great concept Not as good as the books, but still pretty cool Tons of information about nearly everything One of the greatest comedians of all-time A goofy group of excellent Aussie comedians Offers over 30,000 free e-books in many languages Classic lust, but genuinely good articles and other features Conspiracy theories or truth?  I don’t know for sure, but if any of this is true, people had better wake up. For the music geek in all of us Wonderful collections of guitar tablature Labeled as obsolete, but made a difference for me in how I view science and philosophy.  Yudkowsky’s relevant site material is quality. of information about technological singularity and other relevant scientific projects Encourages empowering people to end the problems of world hunger For anyone who wants to find ways to help people in need