Sometimes I'm serious.


Appreciate the time and place you live in.  It might be all you have left.

Over thinking matters leads to inaction.  Under thinking matters leads to a wasted life.

There are more wonders than we have time to understand.  Many people never see the wonders due to oppression and cruelty.

Some educated people still hold irrational prejudices.  What hope is there for a culture full of illiterate people who are taught to hate from birth?

Being single past a certain age is ridiculous, but being married is too.

Freedom is the ability to do what one wants to without restrictions.  Freedom often comes at a price since the universe limits certain freedoms.

Use your head or other people might fill it with terrible ideas.

It takes courage to do almost anything worthwhile.  No matter what you desire in life courage can be helpful to get what you want.

People who never make mistakes never live.  People who make too many mistakes die.

Supposed winners lose quite a bit too.                               

Never forget where you came from unless that place is awful.

Logic alone doesn’t save people.  Find emotional motivation to live well.

Stand up for what you believe is right.  You may be wrong, but at least you try to be honorable.

Don’t take rejection as final.  Work harder to avoid rejections in the future.

There’s no way to preserve the past.  In many cases that’s better than people realize.

Nobody can tell you how to find your soul.  It’s like finding your melancholy.  It’s a concept.  It’s not a tangible part of you.

Love is going to change the world for some.  Love might not change much for the suffering.

There’s no way to know that one is going to live well.  Most people seem to be willing to take chances to do so.

Having fun and enjoying life is positive.  If one never sacrifices to help others they probably make little positive contribution to the world.

Learn by making mistakes.  Don’t use it as an excuse to continue making irrational mistakes.

Vent about problems to your worst enemies because no friend deserves that.

Hoping to live well without gaining skills isn’t sensible.

Making mistakes is natural.  Becoming powerful in spite of them is what great people learn to do.

Acknowledge the problems of the world.  Refuse to only dwell on negative points.

There’s no way that anyone can prove opinions to be correct.  People can only provide specific reasons for their opinions.

Have the courage to stand up for what seems right even if one never achieves the acclaim they want.

There are people who never stop living in pain.  All living people at least have a slim chance to live well.

Time changes individuals.  The universe as a whole tends to change fairly slowly.

Tragedy is when you or someone you know suffers.  Triumph is when suffering is alleviated.

People who have determination excel at many things.  People who have no determination never excel at anything.

People choose to be average because it’s easier to fit in with a herd than challenge ideas.

There’s no good reason to act like most people.  This doesn’t stop most people from doing it.

History teaches over and over again that humanity is ridiculous.

The past won’t last.  Live now somehow.

Improve your own life because no one else can do it for you.

Games of life never stop.  The rules are always gradually changing.

Professional wrestlers might often wonder how good they could’ve been at real sports.

There’s no good reason to tolerate non-sense.  People tend to anyway.

Use the skills you’ve developed to be a person of value or know that you’re going to be destroyed by more determined people or an indifferent universe.

Irrational beliefs can be destructive.  It’s hard to believe anyone can avoid all irrational beliefs.

It may be a mistake to try to constantly avoid making mistakes.

There’s an abundance of great things in the world.  People have to put up with an abundance of terrible things to get them at times.

There’s no need to pretend to be normal.  There’s no such thing anyway.

It’s impossible to know what the best way to live is for certain.  There are many experiences that may lead to people being happier.

Overall excellence in life is subjective.  Some forms of excellence can be measured objectively.

People who have great ideas may also have some terrible ideas.

Refuse to respect to irrational beliefs.  Bad ideas shouldn’t be respected.

Use intelligence to reduce problems.  Rarely expect to fully defeat them.

Motivation to live well in the present: The past is gone and the future may never arrive.

Idiots keep trying to repeat bad ideas.  Intelligent people gradually improve on their best ideas.

The rights of men are no different than the rights of women.  Except in most of the world officially and even more of the world unofficially.

Figuring out the best way to live is impossible.  We don’t have enough time.

Giving orders to fools is barely better than taking orders from fools.

Intelligence often leads to one realizing how little they know.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but small parts of it were.

Anyone who claims to understand the universe probably struggles to comprehend a great deal of things that happen in their own home.

Being intelligent isn’t enough for most people.  They want to experience a genuine emotional connection with others that’s enjoyable.

Decide how you want to live or someone else will be busy doing it for you.

The arrogance of people who assume they know the meaning of life is often patently absurd.

Agreeing to participate in struggle with others might be what makes life worth living.

Powerful leaders teach that it’s wrong to lie unless you’re in a position of power to do so.

Many people aren’t convinced that they’re living the best life possible for a good reason.

People who use their talents to help others are held in high regard for a good reason.

Nobody knows for certain how each person can best live. 

People who proceed with caution in life almost always appear to be wise in the short-term.  People who are always cautious never reach their full potential.

Being rational about all things is difficult.  It might even be impossible.

Handling failure with dignity is one of the toughest things to do in life.

Even a brilliant idea or product has to improve to keep up with advances others make.   

Keeping life simple isn’t always possible in a complex reality.

It’s impossible to hit a home run with every idea.  The people who get the most at bats are most likely to get the highest career tallies.

A contradiction of life: We need to be self-centered to survive.  We only achieve an important reason to live if we participate in struggle to make life better for others.

Some people never realize the beauty of the world.  It’s hard to do so in a prison cell.

Nobody can tell you what to do.  A lot of people are going to try.

Together we can make a difference.  Alone we live in isolation.

Few people living today will matter to billions of others living one hundred years from now.

Thinkers who look too far ahead often get stuck in unnecessary fatalism.  Looking way too far ahead results in realizing it’s possible that the entire universe you know will be destroyed.

There are a lot of people in the world.  To be remembered you have to do something unique.

The amount of great things that can be done swiftly is severely limited.  The amount of great things that could be done in a lifetime is nearly infinite.

Looking back only serves a point if one can use it to improve life in the present.

Popularity isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality.

The amount of good that can be done to make the world a better place is nearly limitless.  Your time is limited.

There are nearly unlimited options for a creative person and almost none for the unimaginative.

Only edited versions of history teach great things.  A lot of history is awful and full of tedium.

Time is as valuable as one makes it.  Time has no inherent value.

There are people who’d kill for a chance to live the way you do on a daily basis.  Others might kill themselves if they had to live like you do on a regular basis.

The most amazing people act with courage in the face of uncertainty.

If one never tries hard to live well they almost assuredly won’t.

There are people who have little formal education who’ve changed the world in significant ways.

If one forgets about passion they’re probably not fully living.

Life is a mystery.  You may see fewer clues to solve puzzles if all you do is sit around.

Quit studying the past as the way to the future.  The way to the future comes by creating it.

Quit measuring yourself compared to the greatest people of all-time unless you’ve also given some of the greatest efforts of all-time.

Supposedly tried and true methods aren’t always true.

Being positive can be delusional.  It’s better to be a realist and find ways to live well in spite of problems.

Most people would save the world if they could.  The much more relevant question: What would you do if you knew you couldn’t save the world and only had limited time?

Being honest with people is always a risk.  So is lying.  Anytime you communicate with others you’re taking a risk.

Change to be the kind of person you want to be as much as possible.  Refuse to quit until you’re at least as close as you genuinely believe you can be in reality.

People who live well don’t know everything.  They know what’s most important to them.

Taking things too seriously can ruin them.  Not taking things seriously enough can ruin them.  It’s hard to know how seriously to take most things in life.

Power is a drug.  It’s enjoyable until the supply runs out.

It’s impossible to avoid making mistakes.  It’s possible to demonstrate how one plans to redeem themselves after making mistakes.

Ending a way of life may be sad or it can be viewed as a chance to move on to better things.

Never waste time.  It can’t be bought back.

Thinking is done for the self.  Writing is done for others.

Trying to be certain in an uncertain reality makes no sense.

If one is crazy enough to believe they can make a difference they should fight to prove it.

Lies are easily confused with truth if one isn’t applying their own critical thinking skills to every judgment they make.

Being too serious isn’t a good trait in a world where there are already billions of serious problems.

You’re one person out of billions with billions more likely to be soon on the way and you still strive to be something special.  How funny.

Life is hard to figure out.  It’s why many people quit trying and just work, watch TV, sleep, and repeat.

Good people take action to help others despite their uncertainties and imperfections.  We shouldn’t expect any perfect saviors.

One of the worst parts of life is seeing how people are treated when they’re not exceptional.

Individuals who distract the most people from misery are often the most rewarded.

There’s no way to prove that one is perfect.  It’s much easier to prove that one isn’t.

Humanity seems divided about whether life is a precious gift or a big joke.

Success isn’t about controlling others.  It’s about empowering self and others to achieve noble goals.

The amount of time that we spend involved in an activity is likely to determine our aptitude with it.  The harder one tries, the higher the odds of achieving success.

Being compared to your relatives can be tough.  The world may never hear about Steve Gates, Ted Winfrey, or Tim Jordan despite their close association with famous people.

No matter what decisions one makes they’re likely to be absurd in a universe where we have nearly unlimited temporary options and certain death.

Some people never give up.  Others give up far too easily.  Which group would you rather be in?

Fight for what’s right according to your point of view.

The suffering of the world may be great.  Hopefully our collective resolve can be even stronger.

Too many people treat biased opinions as gospel.

Figuring out everything about the world isn’t necessary to function in it or the world population would be reduced from billions to zero.

The result of living in a mad world is too often resorting to madness just to fit in.

Whatever we do is likely to be topped in the future by people who have access to superior information. 

Admirable people move forward despite pain and rejection.

Two is too many people to decide how to live your life.

There’s no sense in pretending that life is always good.  There’s no sense in pretending that it’s impossible for life to be good.

Stop degrading the work of others until you create something clearly more impressive.

Some people make bad decisions.  Other people make REALLY bad decisions.

End on a good note because it might be your last note.