Sometimes I'm serious.


Do all people want to know truth?   Probably not.  I imagine some prefer fiction.

The truth is that humanity is clueless about a lot.

Too many people place too much faith in commonly accepted versions of truth. 

It’s not always rational to try to grasp fixed truths in a world where constant change takes place. 

When people are prevented from expressing the truths that mean the most to them, hostile environments are likely to occur.

Individuals are often guilty of creating false facts in their heads without intending to do so.

The truth is that we are often unaware of the truth.

The sad truth is that every person is vulnerable to corruption.  The glorious redemption is that all people have the potential to improve their lives.

There’s sense in following a dream, but not if that dream contradicts every truth in known reality.

Little can shatter strong faith.  Sometimes not even all of reality.

Good things happen to bad people because the universe is indifferent to individual human tragedies.

Too many people fail to realize the truth because the universe is a little bit bigger than their neighborhood.

The world is full of facts.  Nearly all of them can be disputed by someone who has intelligence.

If you make any truth claims you’re being divisive.

The truth is a large amount of information, far greater than the collective knowledge of humanity.  So avoid worrying about being ignorant at times and enjoy life.

There are many people who claim to know the truth and clearly don’t, but are believed by many.  There are others who tell the truth but are believed by almost no one.

The truth about the universe may be much more than we are able to comprehend.  The truth about a small part of life is often enough to keep us occupied.

People who live well don’t find the truth.  They create it.

If you’re lucky enough to realize a truth use it now before it changes.

The truth isn’t obvious or there’d be a lot less people making up ridiculous versions of truth.

Offer the world something amazing.  If you can’t you should at least offer truth.

Nobody ever realizes the full truth of the universe.  A few recognize enough truths to be ahead of a great deal of the pack.

Possibilities are nearly endless.

Figuring out who’s telling the truth in life is a challenge for nearly everyone.

You want to know the truth?  Here it is: One person is never able to understand all of reality.  Everyone has quite limited time and only understands a small portion of their subjective experiences on one small planet in a universe larger than we can grasp at this time in history.  But this answer satisfies few.  Good luck finding your take on the truth.

Few truth claims about the universe seem to hold up to scrutiny.  Human beings have limited experiences in one geographic area at a time.  It’s impossible to know what changes are taking place in most of the world, most of the time.  Perhaps it’d be wiser to consult beings that have a broader perspective than humans if we want to gain a greater knowledge of truth.  Unfortunately, none of the species we’ve encountered have been able to tell us much in English.

Is it better to live in a beautiful fiction or a mundane reality?  Is it important to stay grounded in reality no matter what?   Perhaps nothing can be demonstrated with 100 % reliability.    Is absolute truth valuable if it makes people miserable?  

It’s sad to know that truth is considered a funny joke while series of lies are taken seriously.  Information can be easily distorted if most get their “facts” from sources that have an agenda of propaganda.  Too many times in history individuals have been jailed, tortured, or killed just for trying to share truth instead of staying quiet about the falsehood of commonly accepted beliefs.

When removed from mindless clutter we may realize many truths.  The main truth we often find is that we are drawn to mindless clutter for some reason. Even if society has frustrations it’s often better to be connected to what’s happening with others than to be alone. 

Just because millions or billions of others claim a truth, it’s not so.  Imagination can be useful and fun.  But if you base your entire life on falsehood it’s unlikely that you’ll ever reach maximum potential.

A “truth” currently being disputed is the notion of homosexuality being morally wrong.  A rational person understands there’s nothing that makes inserting a penis into a vagina a morally sound act.  There’s also no logical reason to believe inserting a penis into the anal cavity of a man is a morally reprehensible act.  It’s irrational to believe any society will be destroyed by consensual sexual relations. 

Trying to tell people the truth isn’t always productive.   Many people couldn’t care less about the truth.  They just want to live well. 

There are a number of people who claim to have rational answers about how to live well.  The truth is that every person faces different situations.  The truth is that reality is experiencing slow, gradual change.  The rules that work for one individual may not work at all for another.

Many people feel they live well without concerning themselves with deeper questions.  Philosophy doesn’t change the fact that bills are due, kids need to be picked up, and dinner has to be made.  Adults often feel drained enough after a day of labor that they just want to enjoy the simplicity of their immediate environment.  Although it’d be a rather mundane world if everyone lived this way it’s understandable that many individuals choose to adopt this mindset.  If deeper truths don’t help with real everyday problems what’s their use?

There’s no reason to believe in anything without some form of evidence.  Yet almost all of us do if we try to predict the future.  There are facts that can demonstrate what’s likely to occur in the future.  But there’s nothing that demonstrates anything close to definite facts about the future.

Possibilities are nearly endless.  But there comes a time when individuals have to decide what seems most likely to be true.  It should be obvious that it’s highly likely that nearly all people are clueless about many truths.

Evidence for what exists can be read about, but how many people can demonstrate what the nature of the entire universe is?  Nobody even comes close.  Having enough faith to meet basic survival needs is necessary to live.  Faith that water isn’t poison, food isn’t going to kill you, or that breathing oxygen won’t kill you is needed to maintain survival. Total skepticism practiced leads to death.

Finding the truth can be frightening.  It can lead one to feel as if they lost their entire way of life.  Having the courage to face reality as it is allows one to live the best life possible, even if it results in temporary stress or panic.

Finding the truth in life isn’t an easy task.  Finding the entire truth about the universe isn’t possible.  Aim to find the most relevant truths that lead to living a quality life.  Try to help others realize meaningful truths when possible too.

Lying to others is shameful.  Lying to loved ones is a disgrace.  Lying to yourself leads to mental problems.

The universe is large and hard to understand.  Many things don’t seem to make rational sense.  The beliefs some people claim to hold help them cope with the hardships of reality.  But no set of beliefs can be proven to be entirely accurate, even if one would like them to be so.

It makes no sense to put hope into ridiculous beliefs.  Ridiculous beliefs may be the only hope that many of us can muster.  Considering that all intelligent adults know that we live for 120 or so years maximum and then vanish from the only reality we can begin to understand, it makes sense that humans might create emotional myths about living forever to cope with their fear of death.   But just because something feels good it doesn’t make it true.

What source of information is trustworthy in this crazy world?  No source is completely reliable.  Any source may be reporting less than total truth.  Most people admit that they’ve made terrible mistakes in determining what’s true.   We can’t completely trust others and we can’t completely trust ourselves.

How can anyone claim to know the definite truth?  The universe is constantly changing.  There are no fixed rules that always have and always will dictate how things are going to be forever.  Making efforts to try to grasp everything about all that could be is often unproductive. 

Knowledge is often difficult to gain but ignorance couldn’t be much easier.  People who have knowledge tend to live well.  Ignorant folks tend to struggle for their entire lives.

Even if someone realizes the truth about the moment they can’t know what the future holds.   Anyone who learns the truth only has it for a brief moment and can only use it for something good if they’re willing to act in the moment.