Sometimes I'm serious.


In a world where roughly 180,000 people die every day, every problem I’ve ever had is relatively minor.

I’m unable to tell anyone what the meaning of life is.  I have yet to see any reliable evidence that anyone on Earth can.


It’s hard for me to act like other people when I still don’t fully understand myself.


The most important lesson I’ve learned is that life is uncertain.

I admire anything that gets an interesting serious point across and can also make me laugh.

People are the strangest species I associate with.


I could’ve done better in the past, could be doing better in the present, and will have to work hard to be better in the future.


If I’m not careful my popular culture references may end completely in the year 2000.

I made mistakes.  If I never made any I would’ve never lived.


I’m lucky that my mistakes never resulted in any beheadings.

Perhaps my pursuits were failures because I expected too much from temporary humans?


While attempting to be perfect I created a life that was far from perfect.


I’ll die with work left to do if I care about other humans.


I want to reduce uncertainty.  I should never expect to eliminate it.


Working hard to be a person of great value makes sense.  Working hard for no good reason doesn’t make sense to me.


I’d like to I know I could be guaranteed success.  I don’t get that privilege.


I have no eternal solution for all problems.  I should have a temporary one to live well now.


How can I love everyone?  I don’t know several billion people.

I have yet to see a moral code that everyone agrees is good.


I have yet to see a moral code for a society that doesn’t appear to be ridiculous. 

I’d love to instantly solve all of the problems of the world.  I often have to settle for stopping my own.


I made some bizarre and foolish decisions.  I had no other choice in an uncertain reality.


I don’t know who to believe about politics, history, or economics.  But I often sense when I’ve encountered a great piece of art.


I lost a lot of what was once important to me.  I’ll lose all of it eventually no matter what I do.


I do not know what the meaning of life is.  At least I can admit it.

I see tragedies and beauty almost everywhere I go.

I miss the past I never had, my dream world.  Maybe not real to anyone other than me, but it was grand. 

It’s good that the world didn’t become my vision of perfection from five years ago.  Five years from now, I may say the exact same thing about my current views.


I admire many people who stand up for what they believe in, even if their beliefs seem wrong to me.


If they say something negative about me and they’re right, they’re justified in pointing out my flaws.  If they say something negative about me and they’re wrong, who cares?

Anybody who’s weirder than me is too weird.

I could leave behind proof that I once existed.  I’d rather continue living healthily.


There’s no need to act as if I have all the answers.  I don’t.


I don’t want to be a slave.  I don’t want to be a drain on society either.


I shouldn’t fear failure.  I’ve done it for years.  It hasn’t killed me yet.


I’ve made mistakes.  I’m not done making them if I’m ever going to add value to the world.


I could have been better than I was.  I have no idea what would have happened if I had been.  I should focus on what I can do now.


History repeatedly proves that I could be wrong.


I want to be a better man, but not so good that I’m killed by people who are threatened by it.


The best things I’ve done in my life are mostly forgotten. The worst things I’ve done are too, but those who know me bring up the worst parts more often.


I don’t know what will happen ten seconds from now.  I may not accurately predict what is destined to happen 200 years in the future.


I may not be the most talented person in a world of more than seven billion people.   

I was lucky to know and experience many wonderful people, places, and things.


Why stay alive?  To experience pleasure and help others to do so too. 

I want to leave a masterpiece to be remembered by.  I may settle for throwing my gum on the ground.


I still don’t like the notion of death, but I accept that it’s real.  I have to try to live well in spite of my fears of pain and death.