Sometimes I'm serious.



People still vote based on issues like abortion.  The law is not going to change.  Super-Christian George Bush ruled for 8 years, and the topic was never seriously brought up.  Voting for a candidate because of their stance on abortion is like voting for someone based on their favorite episode of Saved by the Bell.  It’s totally irrelevant.


More than half of the people don’t vote.  Half of the people who bother to vote pick whoever takes less of their tax money.  The other half votes for whoever pledges to keep the craziest people away from decent society with free handouts.


Deciding who you want to vote for is childish.  Make the decisions to lead your own life.


The Democrats always win the celeb endorsement battle.  Their supporters are A-Lister’s like Brangelina, Bennifer, or OprahClooney.  The Republicans have Arnold and someone like the guy who played Wally on Leave it To Beaver.  No comparison.


Progress is made, but slowly.  We now have a black man who is falsely acknowledged as the leader of the free world.  Not long ago, the only decision a black voter had was whether to vote the way the guy with the gun in his hand said to, or not vote at all.


I don’t get why everyone loses their minds over who gets to be president.  You never hear people discuss any other offices like Congress.  I think most of the American public thinks the President is like Santa Claus, Superman, and George Washington combined.


The reasons people come up with for their choice of candidate are often absurd.   “Yeah, I vote Republican because I’d rather pay for fighting terrorists than some welfare mother’s third abortion.”  Adults in your country actually think this way.  Amazing.