Sometimes I'm serious.


Living in an era of non-stop entertainment is odd because so much of it’s so bad.  

Distractions can lead to a lack of focus.  They can also provide the most joyous entertainment of life.

Nearly all people want distractions away from the terrifying parts of reality.

Music may not save the world but it at least makes it tolerable.

Killing an artistic dream may be a great tragedy or a gift.  Everyone isn’t meant to be a rock star.

Music can inspire people to be better.  Annoying music can make one feel like humanity is losing the fight against the universe.

A lot of today’s music superstars are going to be forgotten in the not too distant future.  The Britney Spears of the world may not be appreciated by the next generation.   But one never knows for certain how bleak the future may be.

Most adults become aware of incredibly complex music that was performed hundreds of years before they were born.  Despite the presence of countless pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and hundreds of other talented composers, Miley Cyrus has outsold all of them.  We live in a world where millions of people ignore genius and worship literal kids as music idols.


Making a career choice is odd.  It’s bizarre that an individual can learn about how large the universe is, how many parts of existence still remain mysterious to humanity, and they still might decide that the most important thing they could do with their limited time on Earth is to make money while producing sounds out of one six stringed instrument. 


Anyone who goes through the efforts of writing is trying to get something accomplished.  Writing focus is tough to maintain.  Almost no one can produce fantastic work in one draft.

Writing is a funny thing.  Sometimes one tries hard to produce grand work only to come up with absolute trash.  Other times the mind wanders and brilliant lines flow.  It’s hard to believe any great literature has ever been produced completely by accident. 

Journalists shouldn’t pretend their subjective perspective is objective.

History repeatedly shows that some people will kill just to be in history books.

If bad writing is the sign of a bad mind, every writer has a bad mind at times.  Geniuses learn to craft their crazy thoughts into something noble through re-writes and editing.

Creating a masterpiece may take a considerable amount of effort.  Or one can merely produce something unique.

Finding the best in art is like deciding which food is the tastiest.  Each person has different tastes and limited time.

Respond to great art with awe, or if appropriate, laughter.

Stealing ideas from a great artist is easy.  Producing what a great artist does is hard to do, maybe even impossible.  Nobody can match a great artist easily.

It’s easy for great artists to get involved with lame projects when they listen to lame business people.

Art can inspire one to do some crazy things, like spend an afternoon in a museum.

Anyone who refers to themselves as an artist might be a genius or a guy at Subway sandwich shops.

Creating great art is often difficult.  An artist may spend years toiling to create intricate details to produce a masterpiece.  Or they could pick up a toilet.

Joy can be found from strange sources.  Millions of people still watch Full House.

If Orson Wells struggled to secure financing most of his life to make movies and Bill Cosby is a multi-millionaire this proves that the universe isn’t fair.

Even the worst movie is better than the best war.  While sitting through a bad movie may be unpleasant it’s nothing compared to awful human tragedies.