Sometimes I'm serious.


I’m not sure how reality works, so I’m an agnostic.  Many people admit they don’t know how reality works and that leads them to believe in a God.


God has never told me anything directly.  As much as I attempted to understand what the will of God was for my life, I never received an answer.


It may be that I never cared about finding God, truth, meaning, or purpose as much as my own personal comfort.


I’d love it if a theologian was able to prove true answers about the meaning of life, but none can.


I can’t prove that there’s no God.  There are plenty of ways to prove that no God clearly helps people in this world.


I haven’t realized the full truth about religions.  I’ve learned enough truths to be confident that they’re not for me.


I can’t prove The Bible to be false.  I can explain why I believe it’s a bad guide for morality.

Hell isn’t someplace I want anyone to go to, especially for the people who don’t deserve it.

I’m more powerful than god and the devil, even though billions don’t believe it.


One of the reasons I despise religions so much is that they exploit people who share many of my hopes for the future of humanity.  Who wouldn’t want to live indefinitely in peace, happiness, and health?  Why lie to people, take advantage of their hopes, and profit from their suffering?  It’s wicked. 

I never experienced any miracles, even though I desperately wanted to. 

Speaking in tongues makes no logical sense. Pentecostals I associated with prayed for me to receive the gift of speaking in tongues.  They were unsuccessful.  I know a few folks who speak in tongues.  I don’t consider them lunatics.  I believe they dismiss logic in favor of an emotional spiritual experience.  

Prophecy fascinates me.  Intelligent people study the past, analyze history, and come up with ways to rationally calculate probabilities about what’s likely to occur in the future.  I don't believe anyone knows exactly what will happen in the future.  

People in the faith business should stay away from prophecy preaching unless they want to look like jackasses.  Every end time prediction has proven to be asinine.  If you want to make cash from lies, prophecies that market well are vague ones like "The end times will be coming soon!"  It doesn’t matter that two thousand years isn’t soon.  The people who originally hear the prophecy will die.  Future generations of fearful people will see perilous things that cause them to think the world will end too.

A sign I’d like to see on a Catholic church- “We’re NOT the kind of Catholics that rape kids.”