Sometimes I'm serious.


We live in a world where certain people get paid millions for acting like fools and millions of people struggle to survive.

Being middle management is rarely a goal children set.  Many adults never even achieve that level of “success.”

Teen dreams often include sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll and rarely mid-level corporate management gigs.  Reality tends to hit 5 to 20 years later.

Laboring to produce something that only has subjective value is an odd way to spend life.

Be the best person you can be for the people who matter: Whoever has cash.

Passion can be wonderful but most people have to work to get what they want out of life.

People who live for nothing but pleasure might never accomplish anything worthwhile.   People who live for nothing but work might never find pleasure.

Get past fears.  If fears persist work harder on defeating them.  If that doesn’t work learn how to do good work in spite of fears as much as possible.

So many people work hard for no obvious reason other than survival.

Just because someone works hard doesn’t mean their efforts are meaningful. 

There are people who are so desperate that they trade their precious time for money.

End on a high note and people may forgive the crap you produced in between birth and death.

The amount of work that can be done in a lifetime is vast.  The amount of work that can be done in one day usually isn’t.

Too many people want unique recognition without creating unique work.

Get better at what you love or spend a lot of time doing things you hate to make money.

Produce something of value or be left behind by team humanity.

The best people figure out ways to merge who they are and what they do.

Effort made to be better is easy.  Being good enough to be paid by people with money can be difficult.

Excel in something you have passion for or you’ll be likely to take orders from others in something you have no passion doing most of the rest of your life.

If you work to maintain a lifestyle you hate your entire life is illogical.

It’s absurd to work for no good reason. 

People who experience good fortune combined with hard work achieve something noteworthy.

The world seems better when dreaming.  Dreams alone don’t accomplish much without labor.

Staying focused is important to accomplish goals.  Energy spent worrying is better placed into work.

Some people find purpose in their work, but many work just to make a living. 

All work is initiated with a goal in mind without knowing what the exact results will be.

Defeat is agonizing.  Winning is a lot harder work.

Earning your keep isn’t fun compared to living off interest.

People don’t perform miracles.  If they do anything it’s by their own efforts.

The big reason society is messed up: Almost everyone wants nice stuff but doesn’t want to work for it. 

Be the best person you’re capable of being as long as you’re being paid the most they can pay.

If one never relaxes they’re missing the point of life.  If one never works they probably are too.

Some people make more money playing card games than others do in a lifetime of awful work.

One must work hard just to be average.  If you are going to work anyway why not work to be good?

Delightful activities are taking place all over the world while you’re working.

Being a great person may involve glory.  It’s more likely to involve hard work.

Nobody starts at the top unless the top has little to offer in the first place.

Unless living off family money, a lottery win, or some other freak accident occurs you’ll have to work hard to be average and much harder to be successful.

There’s no way to get to the top automatically unless you have the courage to start your own company.

Until one makes mistakes that are necessary to gain skills they often continue to be subservient to aggressive jerks who take advantage of others.

There’s no need to take advantage of people, but there’s a need to make a living.  For many people that happens to involve taking advantage of others.

It’s a beautiful thing to do work you love but it’s almost always better when work is finally done! 

Too many people do too much for too little.                                  

Decide what you want, fail at it, and fail until you get paid.

Job openings aren’t hard to find but people who will actually hire you to do what you want can be.

There are people who’d kill to have your awful job.

Work hard now so that one day you won’t have to.

Mondays are no different than Saturdays for the upper class who realize how silly middle class jobs are.

Hard workers still usually have many bosses.

Finding ways to get paid to do something creative and original may be tough.  It’s well worth the effort if one wants it badly enough.

Work is tough.  It beats having to clean toilets in a third world country.

Work hard so you can live as easily as possible in the times when you’re not working hard.

Living well is being able to do what you want as much as possible while spending as little time as possible doing what you don’t want to earn that privilege.

A genius takes advantage of others without them knowing it.

Thinking on a global scale often reduces the work we do to seem rather small.

How can so many unprofessional people do so well professionally?

Perhaps nobody would work if humanity had their needs taken care of.  And the problem with this is?

Terrible people often win at work because they tend to deal with pain better than nice folks.

Work success often comes at the expense of dominating weaker people.

Working hard has nothing on working efficiently. 

Begging isn’t dignified, but neither are the crappy jobs most people claim to have pride in.

Jobs aren’t always as exciting as they seem to be.  Being in a movie requires sleepless nights of uttering the same words again and again and again.  Sports can be horribly repetitive.  Being a musician often requires mastering complex scales for years.  All jobs have some degree of monotony.

Work can be a great gift or an unbearable burden.  Those who find a calling with their work feel fulfillment.  Those who feel forced to labor just to stay alive often turn bitter and weary.

Get used to discipline or suffer through agony of being a loser.  Accept that time is required to get great at almost any part of life.  Devote the time that’s necessary to do what you love and what you feel is best.  Regret will come from chances not taken.  Short-term pain and discomfort is often worth the experience of gaining skills and developing to become a better person.

It’s easier to follow societal demands than to chase dreams.  It’s easier to complete eight hours of tasks per day instead of starting a business.  Many people would rather avoid thinking for themselves.

Middle class wage earners will likely be viewed as semi-willing slaves of a dark age of exploitation if humanity continues to evolve in positive directions.  If things take a turn for the worse it’s likely that middle class laborers will be viewed as lucky fools.